Whether you like flipping through paper pages, swiping through digital text or listening over audio books.

There are various ways to access several useful self-help books.

The Chimp Paradox

Highly recommended book.

Discusses a concept of how our mind reacts to things in life in a simplistic analogy of primal instinctive chimp, logical human and storage computer. It looks at how these experiences forms habits and how to then change the way we react in future to a more controlled and positive way

Library recommendations

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway:
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway: Susan Jeffers
How to Turn Your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action
Mindfulness: Mark Williams
A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World
The 4 Pillar Plan
The 4 Pillar Plan Dr Rangan Chatterjee
How to relax, eat, move, sleep.
How Full Is Your Bucket?
How Full Is Your Bucket?Tom Rath, Donald O. Clifton
Positive Strategies for Work and Life
My Hidden Chimp
My Hidden ChimpProf. Steve Peters
My Hidden Chimp is an effective and powerful new educational book that offers parents, teachers and carers some ideas and thoughts on how to help children to develop healthy habits for life.




What’s in a book..?

Books have the power to change our perspective on things. The above books are some recommended titles to learn strategies that may help us do things differently in hopefully a more positive way.

Some like the paper books.

That feeling of the physical page turn.


Others would Others would like on their phone/tablet/kindle/computer.


Or you might enjoy having the book read out to you by audio books (e.g. Audible). 

Audio Books



Which ever format you choose, give these a go.